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Trash Chutes
Need to Be Kept Clean and Sanitary

Trash chutes are an excellent way for workers in a commercial building or residents in a high-rise apartment building to dispose of their waste quickly and easily.

  • Tenants don’t have to carry their trash downstairs.
  • Property owners don’t have to collect trash throughout the building.
  • Barring something getting stuck, a trash chute works automatically.

As a property manager, you’re probably more concerned about the cleanliness of the dumpsters at the bottom of the chute that all the trash accumulates in. However, you need to ensure that any chutes stay clean and sanitary as well, or it can become a source of foul odors that can generate complaints.

Apartment Buildings

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” certainly applies to trash chutes. You only see the door you open to access the chute and the very top of the long chute itself when opening it to put garbage in. As a manager of an apartment community, you know that some residents may not be diligent when it comes to properly bagging all trash going into the chute. 

If you run a high-rise apartment building, you’ll be glad to know that Fresh Foam has an ideal solution for keeping your trash chutes clean and smelling fresh. Our Foam Cart, with its 100-foot hose, is a perfect cleaning tool to deliver our powerful, economical, deep-cleaning foam to the inner walls of your chutes. 

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings that are more than a couple stories high may have trash chutes as well. These chutes face the same issues as those in residential buildings where dirt and grime can stick to the inside walls of the chute. 

Our team at Fresh Foam has the ideal method to keep your employees from having to hold their nose when they open the chute to deposit trash. Our low-water, live foam eats up and absorbs the grime and dirt lining the walls of your trash chutes. We carry the cleaning and deodorizing foams and the equipment you need to dispense it that’s ideal for your building and budget. 


The limitations of liquid cleaners become apparent as soon as you spray them on a wall or ceiling. They immediately start to run down vertical surfaces or drip off ceilings, which seriously limits the amount of time they’re adhering to these surfaces. Our biological, low-water foam, in contrast, adheres to any surface and stays in contact, so it has the ability to deep clean any surface it’s sprayed on. As an added bonus, you don’t have to rinse off our foam, which saves you time and money in the cleaning process. At Fresh Foam, we can supply you with the foam cleaners and Foam Caddies, carts and pumps to apply it, or if you’re in the New York City to Washington D.C. areas, our professional staff can come to you and do the cleaning for you.

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