Fresh Foam

Our Technology

Why Foam Is The Ideal Way To Clean

Foam Sticks To Any Surface

Unlike liquid cleaners which run down or drip off walls or ceilings, our foam gives longer contact time and a deeper clean.

Foam Absorbs Dirt & Grime

Apply our foam on dirty surfaces, and it will immediately start soaking up grime and bacteria that cause unsanitary conditions and bad odors.

Contains Very Little Water

Since there’s so little water in our foam, you’re getting more actual cleaning agent in every bottle.

Foam Saves Money

Because our product lasts longer and requires no rinsing to clean up, it delivers value.

Cleaning Services

If you're in or between the New York City and Washington D.C. areas, our professional staff will handle your cleaning and deodorizing needs.

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Eliminating Foul Odors 

Ridding your business or apartment community of foul odors is as important as getting your dumpsters, trash chutes, floors and other areas sparkling clean. 

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Our Products

We provide top-quality foam cleaners and dispensing equipment in order to save your company time and money over alternative cleaning products. 

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Sterilex and Foam Technology

Did you know that Biofilm is growing up your drain?* Biofilm is crawling up drains at a rate of 2.5 centimeters per day! Pathogens and biofilm can accumulate in drains, especially on drain walls above the normal fluid level. Foam provides 360° contact along pip walls for maximum sanitation.

Control pathogens with biofilm

Pathogens and biofilm can accumulate in drains, especially on drain walls

Allows for disinfection past the trap

Saves labor costs & best practices

Sterilex PerQuat® Technology

Disassociating H2O2 in an alkaline environment and pairing it with a positively charged Quat, forms intimate ion pair soluble in both lipid and aqueous phases.