To highlight a role that may not be recognized as much as others, we’re focusing on maintenance managers that we work with in the industry. Maintenance managers are there when you need them and get the job done, which makes them an integral part of the industry. This month we’re interviewing Aaron Lindo, the Make Ready Manager at Park Towne Place in Philadelphia. In this role for two years, Aaron has been awarded three promotions, two of which happened within 6 months from his starting date.

What’s your background?

I was always the type to build and fix things. Anytime appliances or other products would break, I would take it apart to see how it worked and put it back together. Growing up in a household of three siblings just raised by my mother, she could not afford to call in repairmen or make purchases on items that weren’t necessities. My grandfather geared me toward wanting to learn the trades as I would work with him as a laborer on various projects. Later I decided to further my knowledge in the trades by going to Orleans Tech for their building maintenance course and graduated in 2006. I didn’t always take the correct roads in life but learning the trades set me aside from the burdens of growing up in a less fortunate household and neighborhood.

What does your day on the job typically look like/involve?

I assist in all service-related issues from residents to techs to pre-move out inspections to managing vendors/techs throughout the entire process of bringing a vacant unit to a move-in ready condition.

What do you find most enjoyable about this role?

The most enjoyable part of my role is ensuring a quality product for our properties prospects to choose as their home.

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself in this role? 

 The biggest thing I’ve learned about myself in this role is utilizing and exhausting all options and resources. Being a former maintenance tech, I had to get out of the mindset of fixing the problem instead of directing others to rectify the situation

What do you find most challenging about this role?

The biggest challenge about this role is keeping ahead of unforeseen variables. Being flexible and optimistic allows room for the improvement, quality, and the time it takes to deliver an impeccable product. Park Towne Place was transformed into a very beautiful community. A new product comes with new challenges and planning in advance is a major part of the process that I follow. It’s all about adjusting, adapting, and overcoming any and all obstacles. NEVER GIVE UP!

What is a daily tool you cannot live without? 

I cannot live without the core values I possess, they are the pillars to my success. Anything built on a strong foundation can support all.

Maintenance teams are unsung heroes in the apartment industry, any tips on keeping your staff motivated and recognized?

Managing a team requires one to have knowledge in psychology. This will aid in the progression of the induvial as a part of the team and the team as a whole. If you don’t know the mentality of your team members you are leading, they will eventually lead you to failure. To be a great leader you must be a great follower first, always remember to lead by example. A simple thank you can go a long way, as a leader your success is measured by the success of your team.