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Manager Spotlight: James Emery

This month we’re featuring the maintenance supervisor at Federation Apartments, James Emery. Having been in this position for 32 years, James has probably seen it all. After serving in Vietnam for the U.S. Army, James began his maintenance career upon his return at Englewood Hospital. He then moved on to Fair Lawn Jewish Center and finally settled at Federation Apartments.

What does your day on the job typically look like/involve?

A typical day involves collecting the garbage and recycling from all 10 floors of this apartment building and putting them out for collection. All the public areas on the first floor and basement are cleaned a few times a week.  Also, the boiler room and garbage room and stairs must be washed periodically. When an apartment becomes empty, it must be cleaned up and painted so it can be rented to a new tenant.

What do you find most enjoyable about this role?

I enjoy feeling a sense of satisfaction with my work when I see it completed.

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself in this role?

Three decades in the industry has taught me how to stay calm when dealing with difficult tenants.

What do you find most challenging about this role?
My biggest challenge is communicating with tenants who don’t speak English.

What’s one product you couldn’t live without?

I couldn’t live without Pine-Sol or Clorox bleach.

What’s your favorite thing about our products?

My favorite thing about Fresh Foam products is that they work so well! That’s why I continue to use them.

Have you found any unique use for our products?

I have used Fresh Foam products to clean the compactor room floors, as well as laundry room floor. We use it to clean the air vents in the kitchen apartments as well.

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