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Our Repel-A-Smell DIY Kits are everything you need to eliminate noxious odors left behind from prior residents. They are a guaranteed way to remove cigarette odors, pet odors and food odors (curry, spices, etc) from apartments, homes, etc.

What Odors Can Repel-A-Smell Eliminate?

Pet Odor

Don’t waste money by replacing the carpet in an entire apartment just because the previous resident was a pet owner! Repel-A-Smell provides quick, effective treatment for bothersome pet odors.


Smoke Odor

Smoke odor is one of the top challenges that property managers face when turning around an apartment for a new resident. Repel-A-Smell will leave your apartment fresh and ready to rent in just hours!

Food Odor

Removing food odor can be tough! With Repel-A-Smell, getting rid of bothersome food odor takes less time and money than it used to. Guaranteed to remove offensive odors in less than 24 hours!

What does Fresh Foam’s Repel-A-Smell do for you?

  • Repel-A-Smell leaves your apartments odor free by removing noxious odors such as smoke, curry, pets & more. Our process even penetrates hard to reach areas, i.e. ductwork.
  • Repel-A-Smell offers you a cost savings method that reduces overhead on apartment turnovers. No more renting expensive ozone machines!

What is Included in Each Kit?

We use a powerhouse, safe and non-toxic gas, chlorine dioxide which destroys: Offensive Odors, Mold, Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses, Allergens.

How Do We Repel-A-Smell

Easy to follow instructions, plastic sheeting, tape, personal safety equipment, door sign, efficiency cups and of course our Repel-A-Smell.

Need More Information?

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