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Workplace Productivity Linked to Cleanliness

Do you try to keep your home tidy and clean? That uncluttered appearance and clean smell is pleasant and relaxing, so why wouldn’t the same hold true for the work environment? As a general rule, when a workplace is clean and disinfected, employees will be happier and plenty of good things happen when employees are happy.

Efficiency and productivity are hallmarks of a successful business. All businesses hope to have employees that are productive, working hard, and happy and a clean workplace can help make that happen.

Cleanliness and Productivity

You might be surprised to hear that cleanliness of the workplace and productivity can go hand in hand, but here is how it works.

  • Less Clutter – A well-organized business will almost always have increased productivity. Less chaos leads to better focus and a reduction in stress, which both increase productivity. Stress can lead to fatigue, trouble sleeping, depression, digestive problems, and more. All of these things can decrease production and impact work performance.
  • Illness Prevention – It’s probably not a surprise that a big productivity killer is illness. If your employees are sick, they either won’t be able to come to work, or they will come to work and spread illness to others. Our disinfection services can help keep your employees safer, healthier, happier, and more productive. Ask us how.
  • Cleaner Air – Air that is clean isn’t just eco-friendly, it is worker friendly too. If your workers are required to spend a lot of their time inside, indoor air pollution can be more hazardous than the air we breath outside. Having your trash chutes, compactors, dumpsters, and trash holding areas cleaned can help remove the odors, mold and mildew, and other germs in the air. Plus, our Fresh Foam is environmentally friendly, has a fresh smell, and is not full of chemicals so it won’t disrupt your day to day operations.
  • Safer Environment – If your employees are trying to work in an environment that isn’t clean and disinfected, they may not even notice hazards that are right in front of them. When hazards go unnoticed, accidents increase which result in loss of employee time and a disruption of productivity. By keeping the work environment clean and disinfected, it will be safer as well.
  • Peace of Mind – Most business owners have spent a lot of hours worrying about their business and wanting to make it better. Making sure your facility is clean and disinfected can give you peace of mind because you will know that your office is safe, clean, and conducive to productivity and happy employees.
  • Employee Morale – Employees that feel safe and taken care of are happier. Keeping the workspace disinfected and clean lets them know that you care about their well-being which will encourage them to be more productive and help achieve their goals.

Ask Us About Our Disinfecting and Fresh Foam Services Today

Are you ready to help make your employees feel safer, happier, and more productive? Ask us about our Fresh Foam and Disinfecting services today. We have options for a variety of budgets and can even provide the services for you, so you don’t have to take up your own valuable manpower. Contact us today.

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