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The Time to Prepare for Winter is Now

The temperatures are dropping and the snow is starting to fall. This is the environment that creates a unique hurdle that every business and workplace has to handle. Foot traffic across your property and through your doors creates a whole new set of hazards and you need to prepare ahead of time for this. Besides the dangers of traditional salt used to remove snow and ice, you need to think about the dangers of having a slip and fall on your property. That’s where our Ice-X product can come into play.

Preparing for Winter

At Fresh Foam, we want you to have a safe property for your workers, employees, residents, and anyone else that comes across your property. Winter brings special hazards that you need to plan for, so here is a list of strategies you can implement to prepare you for winter:

  • Slip and Fall Precautions – Snow and ice don’t just create hazardous roads, but they also create hazardous walking surfaces. Snow can be tracked into your facility, obstruct your sidewalk, and block driveways. You need to plan on having extra clearing of your exterior areas on your winter checklist. You can have someone clear the bigger piles of snow, but you should also plan to put down a product that will keep any residue from becoming slippery. Our Ice-X will do just that. It can be applied as a preventative before the storm hits, or to clear areas after winter weather has already struck. Unlike other traditional ice and snow melt products, our Ice-X will not damage interior or exterior surfaces, won’t stick to shoes and be tracked inside to make an unsightly mess, and isn’t harmful to your pets. Inside, be sure you have door mats down that will absorb some of the moisture that is tracked in, and make sure you have someone available to clean up wet spots when they occur.
  • Pay Attention to Air Quality – During the winter months we close up the windows and doors to keep the heat in and the cold out. But this can also make for some very poor air indoors. Maintaining your HVAC system is important, but making sure that your garbage disposal areas and recycling areas are clean are just as important. Dirty areas like trash chutes, compactor rooms and drains, recycling bins, and dumpsters are breeding grounds for odors, bacteria, mold, and more. Not to mention these areas, if left dirty, are sure to draw rodents, insects, and other unwanted pests. So even though you may think cleaning these areas is only a summer and spring task, it is vitally important that these areas receive routine maintenance and cleaning even through the winter months. Ask us about our Foam Services and how we can help you this winter.
  • Get Employees Involved – Of course there are professional services for a variety of jobs around your property, but there are things that your employees can do to help in the efforts. Ask them to knock snow off their shoes before entering the building. Make sure they use safe practices while traveling to and from work and for work if they drive for you. Caring about your employees will result in them paying you back with commitment and hard work.

The Fresh Foam Advantage

At Fresh Foam we care about each and every customer we take care of, and we believe in being proactive, not just during the winter months, but year around. Our Foam Service, Ice-X, and other products will help you resolve issues for your property before they cause problems and have a chance to ruin your equipment. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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