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NJ Governor Signs Order Requiring Disinfectant Treatments

Beginning April 10, at 8 p.m. all residential buildings with at least 50 units, hotels,
colleges, government, universities, grocery stores, commercial offices, airports, and facilities for manufacturing and warehousing are required to implement a cleaning protocol due to

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy implemented Executive Order No. 122 that ceased some
projects and imposed additional mitigation requirements on some essential industries to limit the spread of COVID-19. The additional requirements are as follows:

  • Routinely disinfect and clean high-touch areas based on CDC recommendations,
    particularly areas that are accessible to customers, tenants, staff, and other individuals.
    Cleaning procedures following a potential or known exposure in the facility must be in
    compliance with CDC recommendations.
  • Otherwise, all cleaning procedures must be maintained in all other areas of the facility.
  • Must ensure that the facility has sufficient employees to perform the above requirements
    effectively while ensuring the safety of visitors, occupants, and employees.

We’re Here to Help You

In order to do our part to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Fresh Foam has been offering
disinfecting treatments to our existing contract customers at no charge. Under this new scope of service, we have been cleaning and deodorizing trash chutes, dumpsters, compactors, and any trash holding areas as we normally would, but we have also been applying to high-touch areas, in the form of a mist, an EPA registered antimicrobial disinfectant that has been approved to be used against COVID-19.

The areas we have been disinfecting include, but are not limited to, the handle of the trash chute drawer, the door knob/handle of each trash room door, elevator buttons both inside the elevator and on each respective floor, commonly touched surfaces in the laundry area, and other public areas that may need treated.

EPA Registered Disinfectant Treatment Available

If you are already under contract with us for other services, our disinfecting treatment will be
added for free to your normal Fresh Foam services. However, if you are not a current Fresh
Foam customer and would like your facility to receive routine disinfectant treatments during the pandemic, please contact us for available options.

At Fresh Foam we are making our disinfectant treatments as affordable as possible, as our
biggest goal is to help control the virus and provide a safe living and working environment for all of our customers. We recommend weekly disinfectant treatments but have other options
available to fit your needs.

What Else We’re Doing to Help

Our disinfectant treatments will not impede the daily operations of your facilities and we are
taking measures to not just protect our staff members, but your staff and residents as well. Fresh Foam staff members are working from home as much as possible and practicing social distancing to limit our exposure, and when entering a facility to clean and disinfect, we are wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment as required by guidelines including respirators, gloves, disposable coveralls, etc.

While the guidelines of which businesses are considered essential and allowed to operate are
constantly changing, we are doing our best to meet the guidelines to better serve you and help
keep your facilities disinfected and safe for your residents. At present, all of our service area
considers disinfecting treatments an essential service and therefore allows us to help you treat
your facility to keep your residents safe and healthy.

We strive to do our best and hope to make an impact, no matter how small. If you have any
questions about these additional services, please feel free to contact us. Together we can

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