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Don’t Let Germs Run Rampant This Season

COUGH! It’s the most dreaded sound in an office full of cubicles. I’m not referring to the clear your throat kind; I’m talking about the raspy, barking, my kid was up all night coughing in my face and mouth kind. Nothing brings down an office full of workers faster than a cold. It’s like the telephone game, one person coughs into their hand, they touch a light switch then a doorknob. Before the end of the day, someone else is coughing and people are avoiding each other like the plague. Alas, it’s too late, Lucy from accounting has already left early to go to the doctor and Alex in documentation is asking someone to cover him tomorrow. By the end of the week, your team is down by a third and everyone is running around stressed out and behind their deadlines.

Employee absenteeism due to sickness cost employers about $225.8 billion according to a study conducted by the CDC in 2015. Unfortunately, employees are still going into the office sick increasing the spread of illness and the occurrence of sick days, resulting in less productivity. A study conducted in 2013 by the University of Arizona found that a virus from one person was spread to 50% of the workers and the surfaces of the office within 4 hours. This is a scary thought, especially during the flu season.

What’s even more unsettling is that if an employee lives in an apartment complex, they may not get a lot of protection from illness at home either. Bacteria, viruses, and other germs can spread rapidly through a building through the air ducts, trash chutes, and other areas if not properly maintained and cleaned.

Not the best case scenario for a productive environment with happy workers is it? Once you consider how quickly viruses and germs spread it may seem like a daunting task, but with a bit of planning, it’s actually quite easy to reduce the number of sick employees. There are several important protocols you should implement as part of your germ and bacteria fighting plan.

Fight Back Against the Spread of Germs

Order disinfecting products and hand them out to each employee. Imagine an office with 25 cubicles; the cost of keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer at each desk will pale in comparison to the money saved in reduced sick days. Additionally, keep your common areas well stocked with disinfecting wipes and sprays. The more convenient you make it for employees to follow these new guidelines on germ and virus control the more willing they will be to participate. This tip can apply for apartments and other residential properties as well. A few bottles of hand sanitizer strategically placed throughout the building can do a lot more for the health of your building than you might realize.

Review and amend your cleaning routine. Most companies include things like emptying the trash, mopping the lobby, and vacuuming. Request the following tasks be added to each cleaning; spray disinfectant on all doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and shared equipment.Fresh Foam can be used to clean all the trash and recycling areas within your building. A monthly application of our foam will greatly reduce the amount of dirt in these areas. It can even be used to clean the floors of the bathrooms.

Here at a Fresh Foam we are committed to a healthier and cleaner environment for all. We enjoy working with companies to develop strategies for meeting those goals and maintaining them. Our team members are experienced and would be pleased to sit down with you, review your current plan, and give you suggestions for an easier and more effective routine. We can walk through your space, make recommendations and give you an in person tutorial on the exact and most effective ways to use our products. Let us help you this winter season, in the fight against colds, stomach viruses, and the flu. Give us a call or submit an inquiry on our website for a FREE evaluation.



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