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Disinfection Treatments Between Tenants Offers Peace of Mind

Not even one year ago were landlords and property managers in the U.S. worried about coronavirus, but when it did finally make its way here, it made a huge impact. Commercial real estate owners and property managers have had to make significant adjustments to their routine procedures for the safety of their employees and residents.

Most commercial lease and property management agreements don’t address what happens during a pandemic. The obligations and duties of a property manager or landlord, however, are almost always to reduce the risk of harm to their residents and guests. During a pandemic, this means reducing their risk of exposure by maintaining and cleaning things to the best of their ability.

Rentals – An Essential Business

Even during a pandemic, moving, and therefore rentals, are considered to be an essential business. Landlords and property managers have learned to make accommodations to facilitate a change in tenants as safely as possible during COVID-19. Tenant turnover, or the move-in and move-out process, however, may look different than it did a few short months ago. Here are a few tips to encourage safer moving for your tenants:

  • Encourage renters to avoid using recycled boxes as coronavirus has been shown to live longer on carboard.
  • Wipe boxes clean before moving to reduce the risk of carrying germs to their new home.
  • Before opening boxes at their new home, wipe all surfaces with disinfectant wipes, unpack immediately, and then discard the boxes and wash their hands.
  • Make sure that the moving crew is using proper hand washing techniques during, before, and after the move.
  • Leave the doors open when the movers arrive so they don’t have to touch any additional surfaces other than the boxes they carry in.
  • Help them choose a moving company wisely. Find out what precautions they will take when moving things to the new home and what type of protective equipment, such as gloves and masks, they use during the moving process.

Proper Cleaning Between Tenants

Although cleaning common areas was important before the virus hit, these areas need to have a heightened level of cleaning and disinfecting. Property managers and landlords must ensure that special attention is given to handrails, stairwells, light switches, doorknobs, laundry facilities, community seating, playground equipment, pool areas, community centers, and fitness rooms just to name a few.

However, getting the apartment or home ready for a new tenant has also taken on a new set of challenges. After a tenant moves out, it has been common practice for the landlord or property manager to perform a thorough cleaning, but most new tenants moving into a space now want to know that their new home has been thoroughly disinfected by a professional.

At Fresh Foam we can help you provide this peace of mind to your new residents and even provide a certificate of disinfection treatment that you can present to your new tenant. Contact us today to get a free estimate for disinfection treatments for your property.








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