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Danger Could Be Lurking Inside Your Trash Chute

While many people believe that trash chutes are simply something that adds convenience to their daily life, there is much more that goes on behind the scenes of a trash chute. Of course, they do save you time from running up and down stairs or outside to the trash can, but they can be the home to some very foul conditions.

Trash chutes rely on gravity to get the trash bags from one place to the next. All the trash chutes in one building eventually open to one or more central areas where the collected trash is then picked up by trash collection services. Because these bags may tumble and pick up speed as they travel down a trash chute they may tear and break open along the way. This can lead to some pretty nasty messes and odors inside the trash chute.

What this means is trash chutes require ongoing maintenance. We all enjoy having a nice hot shower, but to have that hot water we have to maintain our hot water heater, right? The same concept applies to trash chutes. If you fail to maintain your trash chute, there are a few hazards that may arise that you weren’t even aware of. These hazards include:

  • Issues with Air Quality – Of course the rotten smell coming from the trash chute is annoying, but it could be harmful to your health too. Foul odors are generally a sign that something is wrong. Think about the things that you throw in the trash. Used products and rotten food aren’t items you want sitting in your home. They generate toxins and harmful particles that can get into the air and compromise your health. Same with a trash chute. These toxins and harmful particles will build up in your trash chute and be released in the air every time the door opens. That’s why routine cleaning is a must.
  • Mold/Bacteria Growth – If you leave garbage alone, it’s likely that it will get some attention. But it isn’t just you that will notice it. Organisms like bacteria and mold love to use garbage as their food source. From a health standpoint, this can be an issue for the people who are trying to live in the same space. Our bodies can be invaded by bacteria resulting in all kinds of infections. Mold produces spores that can result in respiratory and other health issues. If you want to protect yourself from these mold and bacterial issues, you need to be sure the trash chute is getting cleaned regularly.
  • Pest Infestations – The only nasty things that are attracted to garbage aren’t mold and bacterial. Insects, rodents, and other pests are also drawn to trash. These critters will use garbage as a food source and as a place to nest. Pest infestations can not only damage your building but can compromise the health of the people who live there. Having a clean, odor free trash chute will help keep these pests away.
  • Fire Hazard – You know that you need to keep your dryer vent clean. But did you know that a dirty trash chute can also be a fire hazard? Although people aren’t supposed to put certain things down a trash chute, they often do anyway. Plus, some of the things that are okay to put down a trash chute can still cause issues. If combustible materials become lodged in the chute or are spilled, they may overheat or come into contact with other chemicals to start a fire. This is not something anyone ever wants to deal with.

The point is that dangers can be lurking inside your trash chute if you fail to maintain it with regular, thorough cleanings. If you want the benefits of a trash chute without the hassle of cleaning it, contact Fresh Foam and let us come and handle the dirty work for you so you can rest easy in knowing that your chutes are clean, odor-free, and healthy.

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