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Did you know that Biofilm is growing up your drain?* Biofilm is crawling up drains at a rate of 2.5 centimeters per day! Pathogens and biofilm can accumulate in drains, especially on drain walls above the normal fluid level. Foam provides 360° contact along pip walls for maximum sanitation.

Control pathogens with biofilm

Saves labor costs & best practices

Foam provides 360° contact along pipe walls for maximum sanitation

Sterilex PerQuat Technology is the only EPA registered BIOFILM removal chemistry

Allows for disinfection past the trap

Pathogens and biofilm can accumulate in drains, especially on drain walls

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Fresh Foam?

At Fresh Foam, we provide more than just the best quality foam cleaners and dispensing equipment. Did you know we also:

Sterilex PerQuat® Technology

Disassociating H2O2 in an alkaline environment and pairing it with a positively charged Quat, forms intimate ion pair soluble in both lipid and aqueous phases.

1. Fill

Dual product mixing station blends and diluts 2-part chemical products.

2. Transport

Portable foam unit and drain foam attachment deliver foam to drains.

3. Foam

Foam fills drain, pushing past trap and providing 360° contact along pipe walls. 

Drain Sanitation Systems

Foam is the perfect solution for drain cleaning - and our equipment makes it easy.
Fresh Foam & Sterilex Drain Sanitation Program
  • Use of Sterilex PerQuat chemistry
  • Custom drain attachments recommended
  • Control biofilm, bacteria such as Norovirus, MRSA, VRSA, and other pathogens in drains to prevent cross-contamination
  • Eliminate hand scrubbing
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