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Manager Spotlight: Mitchell Hehr

With more than three decades of experience in property management, head engineer Mitchell Hehr begin as a janitor and learned nearly everything he knows on the job. Today he has a variety of responsibilities including purchasing, assisting in budget planning, assisting residents, managing staff, maintaining the property and functionality, as well as meeting capital improvement deadlines and budgets.

What do you find most enjoyable about this role?
One of the most enjoyable tasks is seeing our residents satisfied with the level of service our team provides.

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself in this role?
One thing I’ve learned about myself was that I needed help in leading a team. Taking classes on leadership, along with being a leader in the Boy Scouts has greatly helped me in this role.

How do you use Fresh Foam?
Our property consists of 4, 49-story residential buildings and 750,000 of square feet retail space. We were consistently receiving complaints about the odor from out trash chutes and compactors. After purchasing the Fresh Foam trash chute cleaning system our complaints have dropped by about 75%. This was a huge relief to me along with the people in management who were receiving the resident complaints. I would recommend this system to anyone who is dealing with current complaints, along with any new property for an easy, safe, and economical way to maintain the trash chutes and compactor areas of the building.

What’s your favorite thing about our products?
I use your products for multiple reasons. Our building is now 32 years old. It has settled and moved in ways which has caused minor separations in the trash chute. It would no longer be possible to pressure wash our chute system due to the risk of leakage. With your system, cleaning is accomplished with minimum pressure, and effective odor control without the worry of leakage into apartments which adjoin the chute. Repel-A-Smell has also been very effective in removing smoke and cooking odors in units after residents move out. My curiosity is also peaked in your new product, liquid ice melt. We have 2 square city blocks in which we are required to perform snow removal. I am very interested in ways this product may be able to make this task easier.

Why do you use our products over other options?
I use your products because I’ve been in this field for 32 years. We have tried many different products for odor control, various deodorizers, bleach, air fresheners, chute wash systems, etc. If have not had positive results in the way I’ve experienced since starting to use your products.

Have you found any unique use for our products?
I have not attempted too many uses for the products, other than their intended use, solely because I have not been using long enough and have not had the time. However, I have found one great use. We allow dogs in one of our 4 residential buildings. Many times, the residents walk out on the loading dock and allow their animals to urinate as soon as they walk out, directly in front of the door. We were constantly needing to pull out the hose and pressure washer to clean and deodorize the area. This is no longer necessary. We simply take out the chute cleaning machine and foam down the area. It not only cleans but leaves a great fresh scent.

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