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Manager Spotlight: Mark Kleinert

This month we’re highlighting Mark Kleinert, Resident Manager at Breyer Estates Condos in Elkins Park, PA. Mark came to us with a unique use for Fresh Foam that we felt the need to share with our entire customer base. With a 30-year background in construction and management, Mark has seen it all, that is until he invested in a Fresh Foam machine.

How long have you been in your current position?

I’ve been Resident Manager at Breyer Estates Condos for 10 years.

What does your day on the job typically look like/involve?

I’m responsible for running the daily operations of the building and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

What do you find most enjoyable about this role?

I enjoy the challenges that I come across and have to solve as well as working with my residents and making sure their maintenance needs are taken care of.

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself in this role?

I’ve learned how to adjust and adapt to each situation as needed. As an example, say I get a call about a frozen pipe, it’s my job to mitigate the problem immediately until I can get a plumber on the scene to remedy the situation.

What Fresh Foam products do you use?

We use the Foam Cart and trash foam.

Have you found any unique use for our products?

At first, I only used Fresh Foam to clean the building’s trash chutes. Then, I got the idea to use it in residents’ sinks. We were getting a back smell from the pipes, so I decided to see if Fresh Foam would work there, too, and it did! Since I was successful with that, I decided to try using it on the stacks on the roof. I used Fresh Foam to clean them, then we used a camera to go down in the stacks to see the result. We realized that Fresh Foam really cleaned out the stacks and helped control the smell that sometimes happens. We were amazed at the difference after using the Fresh Foam machine in there.

How successful have you been in your unique usage?

I’d say very successful. Since using Fresh Foam to clean out our roof stacks, I don’t have to hire contractors to come out and do it as often. I’m able to keep it really clean myself and then have it serviced once a year instead of twice before using Fresh Foam. The same goes for the trash chutes. I used to hire outside help to clean them, now I just use Fresh Foam.

What would you say is the annual savings by doing it in-house vs hiring a contractor to come out? I went from having some jet out the roof stacks twice a year to once a year because I can do the in-between cleanings myself with Fresh Foam. That alone is a savings of $7,500 a year. Also, because I can clean the trash chutes myself, I’m saving about $3,500 a year there. I’m a firm believer in the money I spent on the Fresh Foam machine. It’s already paid for itself more than once with the money we’re saving by being able to clean a variety of things in house or not having to call for outside help as often.

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