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Manager Spotlight: Margie Rankin

This month we’re featuring Margie Rankin, a property manager with the Diocesan Housing Corporation with a background in healthcare and real estate. In her day to day job she works with senior residents but has found wonderful uses for Fresh Foam right at home!

How long have you been in this position?

I have been employed with the Diocesan Housing Corporation for two and a half years.

What’s your background?

My background is in Healthcare and Real Estate. I was the Admissions Coordinator for a nursing home just before coming to this job; and before that I sold new homes in a 55 and over community.

What does your day on the job typically look like/involve?

As the Property Manager of a Low-Income Tax Credit property, my day is mainly spent interacting with residents age 62 and over.  I manage a waiting list, lease apartments and I help our existing residents with their annual recertification and day-to-day housing issues.

What do you find most enjoyable about this role?

I love interacting with the many different personalities of the residents who live in our community!

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself in this role?

I have learned that sometimes the smallest thing that you do for someone, even if it is just listening, can make them your friend.

What do you find most challenging about this role?

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can’t make everyone happy.

What’s one product you couldn’t live without?

I honestly could not live without FRESH FOAM!  I use this product in my own home and it smells so nice, and leaves my shower stall, trash cans, any of those hard to clean places clean, disinfected, and smelling GREAT!

What’s your favorite thing about our products?

The ease of how to use them – “no scrubbing; no sweating.” I just spray the product on the area with the special pump and watch it go to work!  I’m a busy girl!  This product does the work for me!

Why do you use our products over other options?

This product covers a large area without constant spraying like with a traditional container.  Also, I just spray the entire area, walk away, watch a little TV, come back and VOILA!  The work is already done!

Have you found any unique use for our products?

I overheard my boss talking about how she used Fresh Foam to clean her jewelry!  I tried it at home and my rings sparkle like new!

I would like to add that the FRESH FOAM product was a huge help when closing out my son’s college apartment that he shared with four other guys!  I foamed everything and managed to get my security deposit back!!!

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