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Why Fresh Foam?

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Why Fresh Foam?

The traditional methods used to control foul-smelling trash areas are reactive, water-heavy, and infrequent deep cleanings which typically disrupt building operations. We do not see this as practical.

We believe unpleasant trash odors require routine proactive attention with eco-friendly and straightforward techniques. Would you ask an exterminator to treat only once a year or are multiple visits more effective? Why not think of your trash the same way?

Fresh Foam created a proprietary treatment process for maintaining trash areas. Our method is economical allowing for continuous treatments. We are fast without sacrificing long term results. Fresh Foam requires little water; our ‘live’ foam, cleans and deodorizes with living bacteria. Residents love us, making building management shine. Our process does not disrupt your building’s operation which makes emergency treatments easy to schedule. Plus, Fresh Foam smells great too!

Fresh Foam cleans and deodorizes trash areas: trash chutes, dumpsters, compactors, loading docks, floors, bins, drains and more.

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