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Are You Ready To Keep Your Sidewalks Clean This Winter? Let Us Help!

The winter season is right around the corner. Snow and ice covered sidewalks and walkways will be here before we know it. With their arrival, they bring aesthetics and safety issues. Let’s think about luxury high-rises; residents and owners choose to live there because they have a high level of expectations only these buildings can provide. This elite clientele will spare no expense to get what they want, and they expect safe, hassle free, luxurious living accommodations in the heart of the bustling city.

How about all the condo and HOA communities with clubhouses and onsite facilities like a gym or a yoga room. Once the weather changes residents are even more likely to take advantage of these amenities and the last thing a community manager wants to do is tell the board of directors there’s been a slip and fall on the property. The stress of having to worry about slip and falls and resident complaints about dirty hallway carpeting is an issue board members and community managers would like to keep off their to do list.

Building managers train their staff to accommodate residents by ensuring every little detail is checked off the list. Doormen, porters and onsite supers have to work especially hard as they are typically the ‘face’ of the building or property. They arrive at work each day with their uniforms pressed and a smile on their faces. These hard-working men and women know every resident, carry their bags, hold the doors, and accept their packages. They greet their children as they get home from school and have milk bones at the ready for each dog that trots in and out. Their first and most important concern is the safety of the building and its residents. They strive to uphold the cleanliness of the lobby or clubhouse and if there is a complaint, they are usually the first to know about it.

Keeping the walkways and sidewalks clear keeps the residents and their guests safe from injuries. Tracking in ice, salt residue, and dirt from the streets and sidewalks ruins carpets, makes tile floors slippery, and dirties pet paws. This wintery mess requires extra mopping and sweeping throughout the day which also takes away from their daily duties.


Our Ice-X solution helps to significantly diminish the occurrence of these issues. It leaves no residue and it is non-corrosive.So, the lobby floors can stay clean and safe and the yoga studio won’t be slippery and dangerous. Ice-X is safe for use on any surface. It won’t damage concrete or macadam and it cannot burn or injure animal paws in any way. Best of all, Ice-X works in subzero temperatures, so it is the only ice/snow management product you need to purchase. It’s a quick and easy application that can be done by anyone, with no training required.Building employees can apply Ice-X to the sidewalks, walkway, and steps prior to and after each weather event. It comes with a small, easy to use sprayer that can be tucked behind the front desk and accessed at any time.

This year when you are negotiating your snow contracts, remove salt/calcium chloride on the walkways and front steps from your RFP. Keep Ice-X handy instead. Stop worrying about your snow removal company salting too often or not soon enough before a weather event. Now you can control when and how often the product is applied. Making Ice-X a permanent part of your winter maintenance program will save you time and eliminate stress.

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